Power Conditioning

Power conditioners are electrical devices that provides "clean" AC power to sensitive electrical equipment. A typical one for home use has up to ten or more receptacles or outlets and commonly provides surge protection as well as noise filtering. Many models also provide ethernet, cable and phone line conditioning. A good quality power conditioner is designed with internal filter banks to isolate its individual power outlets or receptacles. This eliminates interference or "cross-talk" between components.

Panamax Bluebolt

Panamax Blueboltbluebolt

With BlueBOLT you can remotely monitor and control power to connected equipment by accessing power management components from anywhere in the world. From simple system reboots to comprehensive monitoring of power status, BlueBOLT provides the power to control complex A/V systems from their most fundamental level - their power source.


Surgex XR315 / UPS-1000

The XR315 lets your protect your equipment like the pros. Built with a customizable program interface and remote control, the XR315 works in harmony with your home theater system to provide high-level surge suppression and line conditioning.

The UPS-1000-OL delivers battery back-up to your audio/video system in the event of a power failure. Online, double conversion technology in a multi form factor allows the UPS to fit into any network application.

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