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Home theater equipment is the backbone to any home theater.  The key is pairing a good high-def picture with engaging surround sound. Home theater systems are easy to operate and the experience is revolutionary.


GoldenEar Supercinema X / ForceField 4

The SuperCinema® 3D Array® soundbars are remarkable new loudspeaker systems that combine the elegant form factor of a soundbar with the extraordinary sonic performance of a true discrete-speaker surround system.

Add the compact ForceField 4  subwoofer for the complete experience. The ForceField 4 has a 1200-watt digital amp that drives an ultra-long-throw 10" sub-bass driver.

GoldenEar SuperCinema ForceField 4

GoldenEar Supersat 3

The SuperSat 3 is an elegantly curved, compact satellite speaker designed for use when very high-performance yet small size is desired. (It is also the ideal matching rear or side surround speaker for a system based on a Triton Tower, SuperSat 50's or SuperSat 60's.)  Four SuperSat 3s and one SuperSat 3C, combined with a ForceField 3 powered subwoofer, make up the superlative and award winning SuperCinema 3 sub/sat multichannel system.

golden ear super stat 3

Bowers & Wilkins

Bowers & Wilkins CI Series

For the ultimate “stealth” home theater, we recommend the Bowers & Wilkins CWM series in-wall speaker system.

The CWM7.3 is a mighty three-way unit bringing together tried and tested audiophile technologies with new innovations specially developed for custom installation. A truly exceptional in-wall speaker.

The CWM7.5 is the smallest in the series but comes packed with superb, reference-quality features such as a 130mm (5in) bass/midrange driver set in a rigid die-cast chassis, a Nautilus™ tube-loaded 25mm (1in) soft dome tweeter and reinforced ABS baffle.

Bowers & Wilkins CWM Series

The ISW-4 in-wall subwoofer ifeatures two long-throw 200mm (8in) drivers, which allow it to move the large volumes of air needed for high-quality low-frequency output.

The SA250 Mk2 subwoofer amplifier is specifically designed for use with the Custom Installation Series In-wall subwoofers, like the ISW-4. Deceptively slim at 3.5inches, and weighing 11.9lb, it provides 250 Watts of power. The SA250 Mk2's equalization is custom tailored to the In-wall subwoofers.

BnW ISW 4 w/ SA250 Mk2

Martin Logan

Martin Logan Series

The elegant Motion 40 floorstanding speaker features an advanced resolution Folded Motion tweeter, a 5-1/2" aluminum cone midrange driver and dual 6-1/2" aluminum cone woofers.

The Motion 50XT center channel speaker is designed to match the elegant aesthetic of the Motion 40 floorstanding speakers and are voice-matched with the entire Motion Series to allow listeners to build a two-channel or home theater system piece-by-piece.

The Motion FX dedicated surround sound speaker is both compact and powerful, and features a high-resolution Folded Motion® Tweeter, beautiful curvy aesthetics and a perfect blend of performance and functionality

The Dynamo 700 delivers deep, tight, effortless bass for home theater or stereo music. Its standard down-firing configuration quickly (and easily!) converts into a front-firing setup for those who prefer a "hidden" installation. Finishing touch - a wireless receiver for bass aficionados who prefer a clean, minimalist look in the room, no cables in sight.

Martin Logan Motion Series


Marantz AV7702 Multichannel A/V Preamplifier & MM8807 Amp

The extremely versatile AV7702, perfectly and expertly handles any kind of high-resolution multichannel audio format. It also offers an extended network package including audio streaming, internet radio, Pandora®, SiriusXM TM, Spotify Connect®, and AirPlay®. It even includes built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities.

Designed for the ultimate music and movie surround sound experience, the Marantz MM8077 7-channel power amplifier delivers power and detail, and is rated at 150 watts per channel into 8 ohms, and 180 watts per channel into 6 ohms.

Marantz AV7702 & MM8807


NAD M27 7-Channel Amp & M17 AV Surround Sound Preamp Processor

The M27 Seven-Channel Power Amplifier Completely immerse yourself in the moment. With seven channels of massive power, the M27 can effortlessly create a truly realistic surround sound experience that will transport you directly into a new hyper-reality.

The M17 carries on the enviable task of representing NAD's finest surround sound performance. The silent black background and explosive dynamics afforded by the balanced line stage amplifier adds drama and excitement to your music and movies. The M17 is second-to-none in terms of flexibility and up-to-the-minute digital technology.




McIntosh MX121 & MC8207

The MX121 A/V Control Center is one of the industry’s leading A/V Processor with a plethora of performance features.

The MC8207 is a 7 channel amplifier designed to power the finest home theater systems. Seven channels may be used in larger rooms or five channels for the theater plus two stereo channels for powering a set of speakers in another area of the home. You will always have all the power you need when using MC8207.

McIntosh MX121

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